Friday, November 14, 2008

Exploring, Emerging, Developing Writers

At the exploring,emerging, and developing stages of writing, voice is the most challenging trait to teach. Students are still learning the basics of writing - letter formation, spelling, print conventions. However, research shows students can begin to understand voice through drawing - as drawing later becomes writing since both are forms of written expression.

Teachers at Jay used drawing in different ways to teach voice through writing by having students:
  • express feelings through use of vivid or varied colors, BIG "letters or letter shapes, or bold, strong lines in picture text or scribbling
  • create pictures/text that express personality, moods or individuality
  • create pictures that seem to show energy, sense of motion, sense of anticipation, or events about to happen; characters with expressive faces or body language that projects strong feelings
  • creates pictures/text that show distinctive personal style, originality
  • creates pictures/text that creates an emotional response in a reader
  • expresses enough personality and/or feelings in pictures/text so that work can be linked to this writer by someone who knows him/her well
taken from: Seeing with New Eyes, Using the 6+1 Traits Model by NWREL

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