Tuesday, November 4, 2008

First Grade, Lyn Disotto and Terri LeClerc

Lesson Plan

Voice: The unique perspective of the writer is evident in the piece through the use of compelling ideas, engaging language, and revealing details.

Objective: The students will make "word choices" which help to produce "voice" in their writing.

Read Aloud: Miss Spider's Tea Party by David Kirk

Prior to lesson - Orally read the story

  1. Introduce the "magical mirrors" which show three types of emotions.
  2. The students will help to identify the 3 names for the emotions, which are shown on the mirrors. They show a sad, lonely, and happy person.
  3. Students will then draw a word card having one of the 3 emotions written on them. They will illustrate themselves showing that particular emotion.
  4. 3 students will be asked to show their illustrations and their peers will identify which emotion is expressed.
  5. 3 other students will be asked to show their self- portraits and give a sentence sowing a connection using the emotion being protrayed. Stress using "details" with their word choices.
Writing Skill Practice
  1. The students will use their chosen emotion to write a couple of detailed sentences, which show how their "word choice" helps to develop voice in their writings.
  2. 3 students will be asked to share their sentences and students will guess which emotions were expressed through their sentences.

I will observe how the students are interacting throughout the lesson. I will notice the details they use in their self-portraits to express "word choice".

For any questions, you can contact Lyn at: lyn_disotto@jayschools.org or Terri at: terri_leclerc@jayschools.org

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