Friday, December 12, 2008

Word Choice, taken from R.Culham

Getting a Mind Set:

"Choose just the right word, and a simple image creates a world of meaning - and feeling."

"Pretend that you're holding a yellow marker in your hand, and imagine that you are going to highlight each word or phrase within a student's paper that strikes you or captures your attention ..."

Word Choice - Phrasing and Terminology
  • Clear, aids readers' understanding
  • Original, memorable
  • Concise
  • Natural
  • Filled with strong verbs
  • No modifier "overload"
  • Paints word pictures
Books to teach word choice:

At One in a place called Maine, by Lynn Plourde

The Dump Man's Treasures, by Lynn Plourde

Is There Really a Human Race? by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell

The Prince's Diary, by Renee Ting

Wild Child, by Lynne Plourde

Santa Responds ... He's had enough.. and he's writing back! by Santa Claus

Welcome Comfort by Particia Polacco

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