Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sentence Fluency

Sentence Fluency!!!!

OH NO !!!

They can't even write!!!

How to identify the traits in your classroom activities Does this activity encourage …

• Thinking about what a sentence is?
• Listening to literature that has rhythm?
• Reading Aloud? Choral reading?
• Comparing two kinds of sentences? Choppy vs Fluent?
• Comparing sentences to fragments?
• Combining sentences?

What you’re going for:
• A ear for language

• A love of rhythm
• Sentence sense

Activities that work:
• Share rhythmic language – poetry is a good choice
• Share two versions – edit together

• Play the sentence building game: select a topic and come up with a beginning – students
finish the sentence

• Sentence fragment game – similar to a spelling bee, but students must answer fragment or

Tips for writers:
• Listen for rhythm in sentences.
• Look for different size and structure of sentence.
• Find sentences that build on each other and make reading them aloud fun.
• Notice how the sentences add to the overall enjoyment of the text.

Level 5- Sentence Fluency
• Sentences flow with a beat – they have rhythm and grace.

• Lots of variety in sentences from beginning to end.
• Each sentence builds on the next.
• Smooth as a ski run in December.

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Darlene Bassett said...

Great fun today, Jay:) Your students did an excellent job. See you Thursday and thanks for a super day! - Darlene