Sunday, January 25, 2009

Word Choice for Beginning Writers adapted from Ruth Culham

How to identify word choice in your classroom activities:

Does this activity encourage:
  • Listening for or learning new words?
  • Saying something more than one way?
  • Thinking about the meaning of words?
  • Identifying favorite words?
  • Listening o language used well?
  • Learning about resources (dictionary, thesaurus, etc.)?
  • Playing with words?
What you're going for:
  • Awareness of Languag
  • Variety and Spice
  • Action

Classroom Activities that work:
  1. Collect Favorite Words
  2. Retire Tired Words
  3. Brainstorm Alternatives on Word Wheels
  4. Listen for Just Right Words
  5. Brainstorm Alternatives for Words in Text
  6. Guessing is Thinking - Using Context to Figure Out Meaning
  7. Get-A-Word-A-Day-Calendar
  8. Put Good Resources to Use - Model for Students Often
  9. Is This Appropriate? - Two Versions of the same Note and Students Match to the Right Audience
Tips for Writers:
  1. Find descriptive words that paint pictures in your mind.
  2. Hunt for striking yet natural words that fit the piece perfectly.
  3. Change passive verbs for action verbs wherever possible.
  4. Choose specific words rather than the first thing that pops into mind.
Level 5 - Word Choice

  • Every Word Seems Exactly Right!
  • Colorful, Fresh, ad Snappy - YET NOTHING OVERDONE.
  • Accurate and Precise!
  • The words help the reader SEE what you're talking about.
See you on Tuesday:) Darlene

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