Saturday, February 21, 2009


Does it feel like all you do is to teach the rules or conventions? Read on and take a look at some helpful teaching hints to make learning fun and teaching easy:)

Conventions and Presentation: Editing and Framing
Editorial Correctness/Eye Appeal

  • Edited, polished
  • Show conventional awareness
  • Conventions enhance meaning, voice
  • No mental editing required
  • Virtually ready to publish
  • Complexity of text showcases writer's editorial skill
  • Presentation eye-catching, helpful
Keys to assessing conventions well:
  1. Look beyond spelling.
  2. Score conventions first.
  3. Look for what is done well.
  4. Do not overreact. - "Overall, how does the student control conventions to make meaning clear?"
  5. Do not consider neatness or handwriting in assigning a conventions scores.
  6. Think of yourself as a copy editor. - "How much work would I have to do to prepare this paper for publication?"
  1. Developmentally appropriate
  2. Coordinated throughout the grade lesvels
  3. Dependent on piece and format of writing