Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Are You in a State of "Curriculum Anarchy"?

Many of us have tried to address this issue with the work we have done. We have been very successful! - Enjoy

During his ASCD summer conference session "Distinguishing Between Learning Goals and Activities: Exploring the Critical Difference," Tim Westerberg discussed the necessity for educators to develop learning goals for their students, but he also warned that educators are inclined to forget to personalize the goals for each student. He explained that each unique student must understand the learning goals and be able to personalize what they learn and relate it to life. Applying these concepts, he said, will lead to successful learners. After asking the audience to discuss among themselves the effectiveness of how they set up their objectives, Westerberg brought up the topic of curriculum anarchy. He described it as one teacher in a school teaching and grading on his own scale while another educator teaches the same class doing the complete opposite and working on a different scale, which can hurt students' grades. Read the post.