Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jay Middle School - 2009-2010

School has begun for many teachers and so they are busy planning the year ahead. Many are already sleep deprived - as they try to juggle the diverse needs of the students in their rooms, prepare the curriculum for each child, and attend workshops.

Here at BPI, we are also gearing up for the year. We are delighted to be asked back to Jay again to work with middle school teachers at Jay Middle School.

Jay is a district in western Maine. Students usually go from K-12 in this system, with
the buildings housing the Elementary, Middle, and High Schools all geographically close. The town is very supportive of the schools as are the teachers - many are long time residents.

Jay has been involved in a literacy initiative for over 5 years. Administration and school board have supported the teachers with funds, resources, and time. Teachers in turn have committed and worked hard (nothing new for them) to fine tune the literacy strategies and embed them into the curriculum. All grade levels participate and communicate within and across grade levels. It is amazing!

Last year, as many of you know, grades K-4 adopted and implemented 6 + 1 traits into their language arts program. The results were excellent and they produced a curriculum, once again embedding the strategies in their daily lessons.

This year, the middle school will be implementing 6 + 1 traits. We plan to include content areas as well.

We start in middle September and we will keep you posted.

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Enjoy the start up in your school as well and please don't hesitate to post comments or questions. I try to check the blog once a week! Darlene

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