Friday, September 18, 2009

Jay MS September 15, 2009

We had our first meeting after school on the 15th. It was a great meeting.

The staff at Jay are all committed to kids and lifelong learning. We have 7 - 8 sometimes - working as a team. They cover language arts, content area, special education, and title one.

We began by reviewing the schedule. We have planned our days so I will be coaching during the day in their classrooms and meeting for two hours after school so we can debrief and explore the next trait. (Photos and lessons will be posted on this site for all to share:) )

As we discussed our plans for the year, we touched on many of the concerns small schools are facing in today's economy - less planning time, longer days, bigger classes. These conditions have changed the delivery of services - cutting back on integrated units (no time to plan together), focusing on the content in order to meet the diverse needs in the classroom.

However, not too surprisingly, this group was more concerned with this change and the impact on students than they were with the extra work load. How inspirational!

We are all looking forward to implementing this program at the middle school and then on to the high school next year. This will provide the students with common instruction and language - as well as allowing teachers to meet individual needs.

Stay tuned - we meet again next week.

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