Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 22, 2009, Jay Middle School Team

We met on the 22nd and as usual we had a great time:)  I learn so much from this group:)

We spent a fair amount of time accessing the wiki we set up for the project.  We chose this format because it will provide a quick efficient way for teachers to provide a way to use and measure collaborative writing in their classrooms.  We will keep you updated:)

We spent the remainder of our time discussing the writing process model 6+1 traits is built on.  Following is a schematic that has woven the traits into the various stages of the process.

I believe this is the strength of 6+1 traits.  It is a method of approaching writing that honors every stage and provides a rubric to give teachers and students alike a concrete, defined goal.

We also began the discussion regarding the need to reflect on our own writing process and recognize/nurture each student's individual writing process.

We do not think or process the same way.

Consequently, we can cause damage by insisting students process as directed.  This does not imply a free for all, but a level of awareness and collaboration between teacher and student.

   TAKEN from WNY Education Associates   

We will be looking more closely on how we develop
  that awareness when we meet in October.

Here is a resource you may want to visit.  WNY Education Associates

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David said...

Hi, we are really keen to get students using Zazew for collaborative writing projects. Students can write and propose a project, invite others to join who can apply for project parts and feedback and critique each others work. Finished projects can be published as ebooks and saved on your own computer as well as distributed/shared on the site. Zazew is FREE to use