Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Writing and the SAT?

Recently I received a post from ASCD Smart Brief:

School invests more effort in instructing students how to write

A Rhode Island high school has responded to poor student performance on a state science test by requiring writing assignments throughout students' coursework. Sophomores at Mount Hope High School now take writing tests in several subjects; educators have learned to assess the writing to ensure students know how to express concepts learned in classes. The program is credited with improving student performance on the science tests -- which include writing -- by 8 percentage points this year. The Providence Journal (R.I.) (free registration)

After reading the post, it made me think about the importance of having Maine High School students involved in this type of writing.  In Maine, all of our high schools students are required to take the SAT to graduate.  Given the importance of the assessment, I am asking classroom teachers to think about the possibility of crafting assignments aligned with the SAT.  Perhaps this will help our students when faced with this challenge.

If you have any ideas that you use or have thought about, please post a comment.

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