Sunday, October 4, 2009

Free Resource from One of Our Readers


Recently one of our readers, David, posted this comment.

Hi, we are really keen to get students using Zazew for collaborative writing projects. Students can write and propose a project, invite others to join who can apply for project parts and feedback and critique each others work. Finished projects can be published as ebooks and saved on your own computer as well as distributed/shared on the site. Zazew is FREE to use.

Thanks for the tip  David.

I went to the website and it looks teacher and student friendly.  It would be useful in upper middle and high school classrooms.  Teachers need to take some time to preview the site and I suggest beginning with a project restricted to viewing within the classroom - especially for those schools where there are guidelines limiting exposure on the internet.

David, how about telling us where you teach and what grade levels.  More specifics on how you use this in your classroom would be helpful to us all.

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