Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jay M.S., Ocotober 27, 2009 Visits

Teacher:  Diane M.

Content:  Language Arts

Grade: 5th

Literature Source: All the Places to Love by Patricia Maclachlan and Michael Wimmer

Activity:  Diane began the period by asking each student to close their eyes and visualize their favorite place.  Students then reported out and Diane compiled a list on a large post it on the front board.  Next Diane introduced the book, All the Places to Love (Awesome Book), and asked them to predict the content of the story from the pictures on the cover.  This was followed by asking students to listen to the story and think about characters, description of places, and the story.  Following the read aloud, students were asked how the story made the students feel.  This was one of the most powerful sections of the lesson.  As students explained how they felt, Diane asked clarifying questions and probed to establish the type of connections they made: test to test, test to self, or text to world.  Students made all three types.

This was followed by a pair/share format where students were asked to describe activities at their special places - similar to the format used in the book. During this activity, the students were: timed, given a heads up at the half way point so they could switch partners, and then asked to report out what their partner said.  The students transferred the descriptive format of the book to their conversations and remained highly engaged, reporting out their partner's conversation.

Diane brought this all together when she presented a web format for her students to use, tying together their thoughts and new structure from the book - providing them with a place to start.

AHA: seamless transitions between real reader response (audience) and writers crafting their thoughts is powerful and embeds the new information into students' schema.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lesson the kids really enjoyed. The pair/share works so well to get them interacting but in a controlled way. I can see how it worked well for your activity.I need to read that book - I'm interested now! Guess it's because we all have a place we love to be.