Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Meeting on October 8, at Jay Middle School - Topic: Ideas

We will be meeting on Thursday at Jay Middle School to begin to explore the ideas trait.  The importance of ideas is addressed by Vicki Spandel in Creating Writers Through 6 Trait Writing,  when she writes,

"Ideas: The Heart of it All -- Getting a Mindset
 Ideas are the heart of the writer's message--which may take any of    
 several forms: story, argumenet, informational summary and so on.     All other traits take their cue from this foundational trait and work in harmony to esnure that the message from writer to reader is clear  and intriguing."

As we can see from the quote, this trait encompasses more than just coming up with ideas and helps teachers refocus on all that is involved with what Spandel calls a "foundational trait."  On Thursday, we will begin a discussion about where this trait is taught in the writing process as well as how much time should be delegated to this trait.

We will  have a great discussion as always and we will keep you posted.

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