Sunday, October 25, 2009

October 26 and 27 at Jay Middle School

Donald Murray wrote:

 " The writer should not follow rules, but follow language towards meaning, 
always seek to understand what is appearing on the page,
to see it clearly,
to evaluate it clearly, 
for clear thinking will produce clear writing."

Taken from A Writer Teaches Writing

Tomorrow and Tuesday I will be visiting teachers' classrooms at Jay Middle School as they model trait 1 - Ideas.  As I reflect on what we will talk about, I keep running Murray's quote through my head. 

6+1 does offer us the opportunity as teachers to share the writer's craft with our students always moving towards clarity of thought for our readers.

I know that our conversations tomorrow will be rich and the teachers and students will teach me a great deal.

Stay tuned.  We will be posting lesson summaries right here for everyone to share and comment about.

See you soon - Darlene

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