Thursday, December 24, 2009

Networking Helps Writing Teachers, Too!

Recently, I read an article on the National Writing Project.  During an interview with George Mason University professor Donald R. Gallehr, he recalled the beginnings of the project and the shifts in teachers he is seeing; namely their comfort zone with classroom visitors as well as their status as real writers.  The connection I made with this article, is with the work we are doing in our classrooms implementing 6 + 1 traits.  In Jay, we are collaborating on student writing and teaching as well as visiting colleagues.  The level of this conversation is lifted into the realm of real writing as we use the language from 6 +1 traits.  

I am beginning to think we should look into the possibility of creating a NING for all educators interested in sharing their ideas about the writing process in their classrooms.  We presently have one for those teachers who are participating in the project, but do not have one for everyone. 

 I shall be working on this over Christmas break.  Let me know if you are interested.  It should be ready at the beginning of the year.

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