Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 20 and 21 - at Livermore Falls!

      I hope you are all busy enjoying this wonderful weekend.  I can't believe the relative warmth and sun.  What great weather for a 3 day weekend. 
     I am writing to let you know I will be working with the Livermore Falls special education staff, 6-12, next week.  We will be looking at 6+1 traits and matching the instructional framework to diverse levels and students with challenges. 
 Here are some sites I will be using for the staff development.  They are definitely worth a look.

Education World

This site has an excellent article,  Journals Focus Students and Build Skills by D. Boweman who states, "There's a funny thing about journal writing, though -- even when teachers don't check students' responses for spelling and grammar. "I have seen major growth in these children!" said Bowerman. "Many are now restating the questions and using complete sentences and punctuation. Those skills were definitely missing in September!" 

This site has 4 articles on how the process of writing needs to be adjusted for the learning disabled students.  Some good thoughts here.


 This site has ideas used and submitted by special education teachers to teach writing.  There are some good ideas here.


Anonymous said...

My article was on the Helium website about Expressive Writing. It was a very helpful when you know what they are struggling with and how to go about helping. I think the "I Do, We Do, You Do" model will be very helpful with my students because it will be more clear on how their writing should look. Knowing that they might have trouble spelling, I might ask them to tell me the sentence they are thinking of and help them spell words they are struggling with.

Anonymous said...

How to Deal with Learning Disabilities in Expressive Writing.

One piece I found that I think would work really well in my class is having my students play both roles as the writer and the person who critics. This will work especially well when you have students whose strong point is writing but not critiquing and vice versa. This also works well when you have peer tutors that help to model the process. Helping our students organize their thoughts with graphic organizers is a must in the special education realm.

Diane & Jenna

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea ladies. They could give each other ideas that will later become part of their own writing.

Anonymous said...

Dear TJ,

We thought you did a wonderful job with your comment. We also agreed on the importance of the "I do, We do, You Do" model. Spelling is something that most of our students struggle with. Your idea of asking the student to give you a sentence that they would use the word in is a wonderful teaching tool that is hands on and can be done right away. This could also lead into synonyms and antonyms.

Diane & Jenna