Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 5th, Visit to Jay Middle School, Special Education

Cherie and I met this morning to discuss her students' progress.  If you will recall, we had decided to focus on fluency and organization.  Cherie has been using the 4 square graphic organizer for her students and is beginning to write a group essay on each person's favorite part of Christmas Break. 

When Cherie arrived, we caught up and had our usual "idea-fest" based on student observations and teaching ideas.  She is pleased with her students' progress.  They are beginning to develop a level of comfort with the 4 square procedure.  We discussed how to help them move to writing a conclusive statement for a paragraph and considered the possibility of using a pocket chart instead of the 4 square graphic to move them into the idea of concluding sentence, rather than a sentence combining all of the items previously lifted.  We persued the possibility of using the pocket chart with group compositions (each sentence written on a sentence strip) for students to rearrange is the correct order - keying in on transition words and opening and closing sentences.  From experience, I know this works well with students at this writing level.

Cherie then shared with me the folders she has been using to help her students organize their writing.  She found these on: http://www.reallygoodstuff.com

The folders include: 4 pockets, a list for student ideas, a list of possible topics, a copy of the printed and written alphabet, a first draft checklist, editing marks, a final checklist, and a list of 100 challenging words.

Checklists combine editing and revising. 

Pockets are labeled: ideas, 1st draft, final draft, and publish. 

Item number is: #302760

If you take the time to go to this site, you will also find 6+1 trait folders (#157111) as well as stamps with the traits.

Take a look and enjoy.  Thanks, Cherie:)

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