Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 5th, Visit to Jay Middle School, Grades 5/6

Colleen and I met this morning to discuss her plans for teaching voice. She is using her students' reading journals to develop the traits.  Colleen has organized this by writing assignments based on the RAFTS format.  The audience, the intent of the writing, reinforced by the choice of a strong verb helps the writer create the necessary voice in the piece.  Colleen has been seeing positive results in her students as she has read them, Zack's Lie, by Roland Smith.

The other piece she shared with me, was her use of the site, rubistar.
They have 6+1 traits rubrics under the writing section.  This is a fast, accurate way to create a rubric for the particular type of writing the student is using, focusing on specific traits.  For example, for a report on Roman gods and goddesses Colleen chose organization, amount of information, quality of information, mechanics, and graphic organizer.  The specific, consistent trait descriptors drop down automatically in the correct category, 4-1.  Take a look.  Thank you, Colleen:)

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