Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 5th, Visit to Jay Middle School, Grades 5/6

Diane and I met in the morning and she shared the Christmas project students enjoyed.  She crafted a RAFTS (remember 6+1 specifies a strong verb giving the writing a tone and adding to voice) for her students as follows:
Role: Santa's Elf
Audience: Santa
Format: Letter
Topic:  raise
Strong Verb: Convince

Diane's students also develop voice by writing in their reading journals.   The book she is using is Loser by Jerry Spinnelli (can find it on great book to discuss bullying and social skills.  Students love this book!  Diane assigns students writing assignments in a RAFTS format, requiring them to take on the voice of a character in the book.  

She also has students identify characters based on quotes she reads them.  Students describe what let them know who the character was - focusing on word choice, tone, sentence fluency, etc.  This activity is crucial because it provides a link between reading and writing.

Thanks Diane!  Great job:)

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