Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cherie P. - Voice at Jay Middle School

     Cherie works with two groups of special educations students - 5th and 6th grade.   While she is still focusing on fluency in her students' writing, she is beginning to help them develop voice by having them make connections to personal experiences and write about them with descriptors brainstormed by the group.

  Cheri is presently using Diary of a Whimpie Kid  by Jeff Kinney as a read aloud for her fifth grade group and  Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Clearly as a read aloud for her 6th grade group.  For each section she reads to the fifth grade students, they are noting words they don't know as well as writing a summary of events for that day.  Once a week, they are writing about a topic from the novel.  Cheri selects the topic based on the level of personal connections students can make, i.e. waking up in the morning.  The students brainstorm and share their personal information on the topic and then craft their paragraph.  Cheri is planning on  using the four square format to help them organize their writing.  The sixth grade students are following a similar format, but Cheri finds they are making higher level connections.

During our debriefing in the afternoon, Cheri shared this website with us:  Ed Helper
As I explored this site, I noticed a section on the winter Olympics.  The section is really great and gives you all of the info you would need to develop a unit.

Thanks, Cheri.

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