Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dianne - Voice at Grade 6 in Jay Middle School

    When Dianne came to conference with me on Tuesday, she was bubbling with excitement.  Since we had last met, she and her 6th grade colleagues, Colleen and Susan, had decided to cancel spelling and use their language arts time on writing.  The student response was overwhelmingly positive!
     Through her reading response journals, Dianne has been teaching students to  building connections (developed into analogies) between the characters in the books and personal connections of their own.
     Dianne built on this process when she asked students to write about the earthquake in Haiti from three different perspectives.  We are delighted to have the opportunity to share - anonymously -one student's writing.  These are rough drafts.
P.S.  I chose the photos.

1.  Orphan's point of view  
Title:  Orphans in Haiti:  
Mommy, where are you?  I'm hungry.  Where's my Dada? As I sit in my withered box, I cry.  Where are my parents.  I sit alone crying sad not to have my mommy and my belly hurts.  I wait for it to rain.  I have a old can for water.  I have only the bugs that crawl by on the street to eat.  My belly aches I be very careful not to eat the rong bugs.
2.   Newscaster's point of view
Title: Haiti the most worst place to live
Haiti is a very troubled place. Kid's are dying from malnutrietion (that means starving.)  While I walk down the street little little kids crawl out of boxes.  There little belly's so tight you can see the outline of there bones.  Horrifyd that people might have to even eat rats or mice off the street little baby's crawl around with dirty diapers.  The smell of rotting body's envelopes the air it makes you sick.  I wonder if it would be better to be dead or live through this.
3.  Rescue worker's point of view
Title:  Am I walking in the footsteps of a hero for this child
I'm walking around looking for living.  Steam and the smell of rotting corpse I amlose puke.  I am almost afraid to look under the rubble.  I hear a scream. I run to it the sound is getting louder.  Under a pile of dabre (debris) a little girl was crying.  I dig and dig.  I start to think its in my mind.  Then I find a scraped and brused two year old. girl.  It's seem this isn't all bad because I found this baby.  lucky her mother didn't die so we where able to bring her back.  Next time we might not be so lucky
Bravo!  Thank you for sharing.  
The voice is powerful!
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Lynn said...

What a great idea to use current events to write with voice! Your students will not soon forget about this tragic event.

Anonymous said...

Very insightful writing for such a young student!

Anonymous said...

Impressive! Students certainly connected with this activity. Using an event currently in the news was a great way to get the students involved and excited about what they were writing. Meaningful and authentic for them!

Anonymous said...

Great idea, Diane. Using current events pictures and writing from three different perspectives helps to provide a more authentic audience and purpose for writing.