Monday, March 29, 2010

Special Education and 6 + 1 Traits - Cherie P.

Cherie has continued to work with her special education students through a combination of group writing and individual practice.  Diary of the Whimpie Kid, her read aloud, continues to engage her students and provide personal connections.  Here is an example of her student's writing.
One afternoon, I trotted up a steep hill, dragging my purple snow tube right behind me.  As soon as I landed on top of the hill I set my snow tube down.  I let it go and it flew down the hill so I raced down the hill as fast as light.  I caught it, ran up the hill again, and set it down.  Then I sat down and my snow tube and I flew down the hill together.  Whoooooshh.
As you can see, the students are making steady progress. Writing about real situations helps them tap into a source of information they know.

Students are also using spelling words and working on transition words.  In reading journals, students pass them in and Cherie writes a response.  They are continuing to use 4 square writing and are beginning to focus on transition words.  Here is an example of one of her students who struggle with writing, but can compose in his head.
Haunted houses make me feel very spastic.  I feel disturbed when the loud music and strobe lights are on.  I see bizarre things as scary figures pop out at me.

Great job!  Whatever it takes!  These students are real authors!
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Nancy said...

Awesome! I am really impressed with the writing samples. Your kids are certainly grasping the ideas you are teaching them! Thanks for sharing.