Monday, March 8, 2010

Word Choice - Jay Middle School

Saying it Just Right - from Creating Writers Through 6-Trait Writing by Vicki Spandel

  • Word Choice - A knack of selecting the just right word or phrase that makes everything come clear for the reader.
  • In creative writing, when we think of word choice, we often think of imagery or sensory appeal.  Informational writers also paint pictures for readers - but to make those pictures technically correct, they need a good grasp of terminology essential to the message, along with ability to make terms and concepts so clear a reader feels as much at home with them as the writer does.
Teachers often find it difficult to teach students how to use word choice in conjunction with voice.  Improving word choice may negate the child's personal voice.  The key - I think - is to immerse students in mentor texts that illustrate a variety of voices, followed by RAFTS to allow students practice.

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