Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Poetry and Novels - Nancy Grimaldi, Grades 7 and 8

Like all language arts teachers, Nancy loves literature.  Luckily she also loves her students and know what makes them tick.  One of their favorite authors is Gary Paulsen.  During our discussions, Nancy shared with us how she reformatted his work in poetry form, in order to help students focus on his word choice and sentence variation.  Following is the format she uses.  Enjoy.

For another good book to use for the same purpose, see Lynne Plourde's:  


Colleen S said...

What we have accomplished this year as a Language Arts team in terms of developing writing curriculum and focus has been invaluable! This process has reminded me how much we gain just from taking the time to talk, share and process what we are trying in our classrooms. The common language and curriculum scope/sequence we have developed is making me very excited for the fall. I look so forward to sharing with my teammates and hearing about each of our experiences with lessons we developed together.

Nancy said...

Working with the six traits has opened up a variety of new experiences for my students. I have tried many new activities which have poured energy and excitement into my writing classes. My students' writing has improved in more ways than I can count. One of my students' comments sums up what happened with writing this year: "My writing used to be flat...now my writing is me!" Need I say more?