Monday, July 5, 2010

Thinking About Next Year?

This time of year most teachers have not left school.  Although they are not showing up at school on a regular basis, they are reflecting on the year and planning for the upcoming class.  Here are a few things that might help you prepare for next year.

  1. Following is a photo of the form we have used for teachers to plan and coordinate lessons by grade level and year.  Remember, this is a tentative outline and can be moved according to the class profile. 

Please note:  we used primary and secondary for traits taught, you can substitute with focus and supportive.
      2.  The website, Writing Fix, is an excellent source of ideas and information for teachers.  The site
           is sponsored by the Northern Nevada Writing Project and contains great teacher created
           lessons.  Take some time and explore the site.  It is particularly strong in              the areas of nonfiction and persuasive writing.

     3.  The website also selects a lesson of the month.  These are excellent and
          very doable.  To sign up to have the lessons e-mailed to you free of 
          charge, go to: Writing Lesson of the Month.  This is a NING where you
          can chat with other teachers, submit your own lesson plans for consideration, and share

All of these sites encompass grades k-12.