Saturday, October 30, 2010

Webinars on Common Core for Maine Teachers

On Wednesday, November 3, Lee Anne Larsen, Literacy Specialist, and I
will present a webinar to review material presented during the recent
Common Core State Standards Introduction workshop.  The purpose is to
walk through what is available on our website, review suggestions for
how to approach the CCSS work this year, and share strategies for
getting started with this work - what to do and what not to do!

The webinar begins at 3:00 and will not last more than an hour.  It will
include a time for questions (and answers if they are available).

Nov 3 - Introduction: [

On Wednesday, December 7, we will present a webinar about the contents
of the CCSS bibliographies, resources which should be mined for their
timely information.  This will also begin at 3:00 and will last less
than an hour.

Dec 7 - Bibliographies: [

You do not need to register for these webinars.  Just click on the link
above shortly before the start time.

Thank you.

Patsy Dunton

English Language Arts Specialist

Midcoast Regional Representative

Maine Department of Education

Monday, October 25, 2010

New Contest at Writing Fix for Teachers:)

For November, we have a different type of challenge just for the teachers!  We've chosen four good lessons from WritingFix that currently don't have a Writer's Notebook activity included in the lesson write-up.  We're looking for creative teachers to imagine what a writer's notebook page for any on of these lessons might look like, to design a teacher model for their own writer's notebook, and to photograph and post the page by the end of November!  The best notebook page ideas will become part of the lesson, and those teachers will earn some books from the NNWP!  Here is a link to the four lessons we're including in this November challenge:  If this sounds fun to you, look over the lessons, choose one, and start imagining your own writer's notebook page for it!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Poetry Contest Sponsored by Northern Nevada Writing Project! Give it a try with your kids:)

Hooray to Missouri educator, Calee McElwain, who became our 10,000th member of this ning yesterday.  We just sent Calee two complimentary copies of NNWP Print Guides ( to share with her colleagues!  Calee chose two awesome titles: "The Going Deep with 6 Trait Language Guide" and our "Reading in the Content Areas Guide"

If you wish you had won one of those NNWP Print Guides, remember that we're sponsoring a K-12 Halloween Poetry Contest this month, and the prize for teachers who submit the best five or six student poems will be a choice from the NNWP Print Guide Collection too!

To enter the contest, you must adapt the following WritingFix lesson, which is inspired by Joan Horton's picture book or poems, Halloween Hoots and Howls

Students poems must be entered by their teachers before midnight on October 21 to the following posting page here at the ning:

We hope many of you will enter.  If we feel this contest is a success, we are not only going to make it an annual October contest but we will also be sponsoring other monthly contests for student writers and teachers who use lessons at WritingFix.

--Corbett Harrison, WritingFix Webmaster
Visit Writing Lesson of the Month Network at:
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Writing and Technology - Free Webinar from eSchool News!

Sensibly Incorporating Technology in Today’s Classroom: It’s All About the Writing!
October 12th at 2:00 pm ET Sponsored by Recorded Books

Ticket Information

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Attendee Oct 12, 2010 Free  

Event Details

Come spend an hour with BookJams author and California's 2007 Teacher of the Year Alan Sitomer as he hosts a webinar on how to sensibly incorporate technology and new literacies.
Your benefits of participating will include:
  Understanding why the bells and whistles of technology will not replace the need for students to critically read, write and think
  Seeing how cutting edge tech tools can (and should) coexist side-by-side with projects that can be done by candlelight.
  Recognizing that successfully incorporating technology in today's classroom BEGINS WITH THE WRITING!
  Getting comfortable with the idea that technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that there is no more "keeping up".
  Re-conceptualizing our methodologies so that we can allow students to demonstrate their full capabilities without unnecessarily holding them back simply because we, the educators, do not have the same technological abilities that they, the students, possess.


Free Webinar… Register Now…
Space is limited!!!

Webinar Speaker:
Alan Sitomer 
Award Winning Author, Literacy Expert and California Teacher of the Year 

Alan Sitomer

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Using Short Excerpts from Novels

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Here is another great lesson from Writing Fix, the Northern Nevada Writing Project.  I think it is a great example of how to create an appreciation for well written lit and making personal connections in a meaningful way.  Enjoy:)

What Your Room Says about You!

Here's a lesson that really celebrates how to use just a short excerpt from a novel to inspire original writing. Your students do not need to read the entire novel to do this writing, but we bet you'll inspire some of your readers to find this book independently, based on the excerpt you share. Students write and revise a setting description about their rooms and their personal treasures.