Friday, November 12, 2010

Calling All Teachers! Here is a great way to share student writing!

A message to all members of Writing Lesson of the Month Network

We hope this e-mail finds all teachers well!  The craziness of Winter Holidays is about to happen, isn't it?

Since 2008, WritingFix has been posting student samples at its lessons; these samples come from all over the world, and they were shared by teachers who 1) wereexcited by the success they had with the WritingFix lesson they used, and 2) wanted their students to gain a little bit of "fame" by being featured at our website.  I can't tell you how many e-mails we've received from teachers who, after we've posted the writing of one or two of their students, share what a motivator it was for their other students to work even harder on future writing assignments.

As many of you have discovered, this year we changed the way teachers can submit samples to us for WritingFix assignments.  In the past, teachers e-mailed the samples to us and we got to posting them when we had the time.  This year, teachers are posting students' writing independently at a special group we created at the "Writing Lesson of the Month" ning.

If you've never shared a student sample with us but think it sounds like an interesting idea, I invite you to read about our new publishing policy at WritingFix:  The page explains how we publish students SAFELY (our number-one goal), and it explains the three-step process for sharing your students' WritingFix-inspired stories, essays, and poems.

This Fall, if you were planning to share a student sample (or two or three--three is the maximum per lesson, please) with us and want to be eligible to receive an NNWP Print Guide should your students' writing be selected, you need to post it soon.  We will soon select and be in contact with those teachers who've been posting student writing since August.  The deadline for Fall selection is November 29th.  Twenty-five new student samples will be selected and will be going up at WritingFix this December.

If you miss the Fall deadline, don't worry.  We will be selecting more student samples to post this May!

--Corbett Harrison, WritingFix Webmaster

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