Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Writing Across the Curriculum and Common Core!

Here is an excellent article on Common Core Standards and 6 + 1 traits, 3-12!

One of our final tasks for last night's class was to review a mentor text appropriate for a cognitively challenging writing across the curriculum task.  We posted our reviews/ideas in our Writing Across the Curriculum Group here at this ning, and we're hoping teachers everywhere might be interested in looking over, perhaps commenting on or extending upon our suggested activities and ideas. 

Honestly, I believe this to be the best set of 3rd-12th grade teacher-made reviews I've received from this class, which has been run more than half a dozen times here in Northern Nevada.  You can peruse our reviews here: http://writinglesson.ning.com/group/writingacrossthecurriculum

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Anonymous said...

Where is the article about writing with the six traits and common core? I've looked everywhere on the site.
Thank you!