Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Free websites use social networking tools to share content

With all of the increasing demands for standards based performance, schools are streamlining instructional time, focusing on what they perceive as essential.

Writing often takes a hit because it is time consuming.

 Fluency suffers.

Teachers know fluency needs to be established before writing can be crafted.

Enter - social networks for students that are protected.

Take a look at the following.  You might find a way to use them in your classrooms next year.

Please share your ideas.

PS - some great networks for teachers as well:)

As always, thanks to eschool news.

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As social networking and education become increasingly compatible, free websites like Wiggio and Sophia are working to strengthen this bond by providing additional tools for educators and students. Wiggio lets users form online groups and provides the tools ... [Read More

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