Saturday, July 30, 2011

August News from Writing Fix!

Following is a link provided by Corbett Harrison:  -

to the Lesson of the Month and the Writer's Notebook Prompt of the Month.  They address the teaching target for August, participial phrases, and are good examples of how to embed meaningful grammar in writing.  Enjoy!

  • The Lesson of the Month:  Inspired by the participial phrases used by author Debbie Allen in her book--Dancing in the Wings--students create stories that depend on participles, learning to punctuate them in the process.
  • The Writer's Notebook Prompt of the Month:  A good "hook," lead, or introductory sentence uses strong verbs.  Participles, because they are built from verbs, make great introductory sentences.  With this lesson, students create/collect favorite participle-inspired sentences that would launch great stories.

Two other notes of interest (Ihope):
  • In September, we begin posting lessons inspired by our Mentors Text of the Year for 2011-12.  You can read about the texts (and order them through a link that will benefit WritingFix) at this WritingFix page:
  • And remember, webmaster Corbett Harrison (that's me!) is challenging all teachers to begin their own writer's notebooks this summer to be able to show their students; our writer's notebook prompt that is coming in September is a fun two-page spread to have ready to show them:

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