Monday, September 12, 2011

Anchor Books for Modeling Writer's Craft in Workshops, Coutesy of Choice Literacy

Here is a great article on anchor books for modeling and writers' notebooks,
Anchor Books for Modeling Writer's Craft in Workshops, Franki Sibberson.  It targets transitioning form primary to intermediate grades - a challenge for all of us. 

Following is a sample paragraph:
"I know the power of writer's notebooks, especially for students in the upper elementary grades. As Aimee Buckner tells us in Notebook Know-How: Strategies for the Writer's Notebook, "A writer's notebook gives students a place to write every practice living like a writer." (p. 3) Even though I knew the power of notebooks, I also knew that I would have to work hard to help my students buy into a new kind of writing. How could I bridge the great work they had done in primary classes to new work that would help them grow as writers in the intermediate grades? As usual, I invited students to select notebooks that were the right fit for each of them. Kids brought in notebooks that were carefully selected and shared them with the class."
Take a few minutes and read the complete article.  It is applicable to many grade levels.  Enjoy!

The article is shared for public viewing by Choice Literacy.  Thank you, Brenda.

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