Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jagger Links Reading and Writing, Connecting them to Text Compexity!


 Jagger presents a well thought-out and somewhat impassioned argument regarding the relationship of reading and writing as it pertains to text complexity.  The article, Advancing our Students' Literacy and Language; The Challenge of Complex Texts, can be found in  The American Educator:

Jagger draws on her knowledge of the brain and presents a viable theory - using research to support her findings.  A Great Read!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Spruce Mountain High School Writing Initiative

This year the faculty at Spruce Mountain High School - both the north and south campuses - will be focusing on literacy across the curriculum, specifically writing.

The literacy team - Kristel Anuszewski,  Michelle Brann, Karina Escajeda, Heather Huish,  Victoria Lee, Nate Purrington, Gladys Russell, and Vicki Thayer-Adams -met on October 3 to plan staff development for October 7.


The team worked on developing the agenda to include:

1.  Free to Read Introduction/Discussion 

2.  Rationale for this year's literacy goal:         
     Writing Focus 

     - Consolidation/Commonalities
     - School Improvement: Helping All 
     - Role of PLC's  (writing samples will be  
       reviewed in grade level PLC's)
     - Common Core
3.  Three main Initiatives:
      - Think/Pair/Share
      - Quick - Writes and Exit Tickets
      6+1 Writing Traits
4.  Sharing Work   
 The staff development day was successful.
Teachers embraced the process and have begun to integrate writing in their classrooms. 
Stay tuned for more information as the year proceeds.  
We are eager to share our experience at the high school level and hope others will also share their experiences.