Monday, December 26, 2011

Voice Thread Offers Opportunities Across the Curriculum!

In the recent ASCD article, Tech for Teachers - Digital Storytelling Meets a Variety of Instructional Needs, author Jason T. Bedell, presents a argument for using voice thread in all content areas.  His ideas are cutting edge - allowing for deeper comprehension, individual, group, whole class instruction - and more importantly, differentiation.  Here are a few quotes from his article.

"However, there are some tools and techniques that transcend grade level and content areas. Digital storytelling is one of them.
Although this may not be obvious at first, stories pervade every content area. They are easiest to see in language arts, where stories and later novels are common resources. However, social studies could be seen as the stories of people's lives through history and within different cultures. Math could be seen as the story of numbers: how to make sense of them and how they fit into our lives. And biology tells the stories of changes in animal and plant life over time, whether measured in the life of one organism or in aeons for whole species.

What's in a Digital Story?
A digital story is any story told through a digital medium and for which text is not the only means of presenting the information. Often digital stories include pictures, film clips, artwork, music, or narration.

VoiceThread is one of the best tools for digital storytelling available.
Students use pictures, audio, and annotation to tell their VoiceThread stories. "

For the complete article, go to ASCD volume 7, December 22, 2011.
Voice Thread is free.  Take a look and see how easy it is to use and how it will help your students:}
Here are further resources for learning to use Voice Thread.

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