Friday, January 20, 2012

January Lesson of the Month:}

  • Our lesson of the month for January was written and originally presented at the NNWP's Pinon Poetry Festival back in 2007 by the fan-tabulous Kim Polson, a great Northern Nevada teacher and mentor.  If you're studying the poetic language of Martin Luther King, Jr's, "I Have a Dream" speech at all this month, here is a perfect follow-up poetry lesson.  Kim's Between Repeated Lines poetry lesson has students choose a line worth repeating (like "I have a dream"), then developing a poem about a family member that repeats that important line.

  • My writer's notebook prompt of the month, Personified Vocabulary Words, requires students to assign personalities, outfits, and professions to interesting vocabulary words from Language Arts, math, science, and history vocabulary words.  Be sure to check out my students' samples from this lesson, which are posted online at the lesson; my kids did a stunningly creative job with this writing task.

Courtesy of Corbett Harrison, Writing Fix Webmaster

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