Monday, May 7, 2012

Update on the Writing Fix Site!

State Criterion Reference  Wish I could teach writing, but I will hit them with it "gang-busters" come Thursday.
Remember, your students have until May 15 to enter last month's Digital Photos to Inspire Writing Contest.  We're looking forward to seeing what digital images these students come up with.
Here are this month's two lessons.  I hope you find them enjoyable.  The new lessons (as well as all past lessons) can be found at the lesson archive:
  • This month's lesson: a poetry lesson called Poems to Bug Your Reader.  Douglas Florian's mentor text for this lesson is fantastic.  We're looking for some new student examples to share, if you have some students who are excited by the lesson this last full month of school (for most of us)
  • This month's notebook prompt: Rhyming Slogans Across the Curriculum.  My own kids had a great time with this lesson in March, despite a slow, sluggish start.  I hope yours do too!
Have a great month!  I hope your state CRTs are over...If not...they will be soon.
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