Sunday, July 22, 2012

Great News from Writing Fix!!

Fellow Teachers and Writers,
Even though WritingFix and the NNWP have felt the sting of the recent, significant budget cuts, the teachers who helped build the WritingFix site continue to create new educational resources.  PLEASE...Help us celebrate our contributors' accomplishments this summer, and let their example inspire you to find ways to improve your own writing instruction for this next school year.
Click here to read about all the new resources mentioned below at WritingFix's main page all in one convenient place.  Or you can read about the new resources below an have fast access to them.
  • Math & Writing:  We send our true admiration to NNWP Consultant and NumberFix creator--Holly Young--on the publication of her first published book--The UnderAchievers--which teaches fractions at the cognitive level required in the new Common Core.   Holly's math students were amazed this past school year to see their math teacher celebrate writing enough to write an actual book!  Math and writing?  Go figure!  Holly, we can't wait until we see your second book that we know is already in the back of your bubbling brain!
  • Writing in Primary Grades: Superb thanks to NNWP Consultant and former Co-Director--Jodie Black--on the completion of her latest primary writing guide for Common Core State Standards: Start Common Core Writing, which can be ordered through Jodie's teacher-website.  Click here to access Jodie's remarkably thoughtful website, designed for those teaching our youngest writers!  Those of us in the upper grades are so grateful to know teachers like Jodie are priming our students for future writing assignments that show true depth of thought.
  • Writer's Notebooks & Writer's Workshop: And we're so excited to have available this August 10th two new products from WritingFix Webmaster, Corbett Harrison: Working with his wife, Dena, Corbett is co-developing an engaging set of "Sacred Writing Time PowerPoint Inspiration" slides.  And working with his NNWP colleague--Jenny Hoy--Corbett is developing a complimentary resource to last year's Monthly Writer's Notebook Bingo Cards--the new culturally-themed Writer's Notebook/Workshop Menus.  Both products will be available on August 10, but you can get a sneak preview of each product now.  Click here for the Sacred Writing PowerPoint slides; click here to preview the writer's notebook/workshop Italian menu!  Bookmark this page to be able to order either of these products this August 10th, or order the Bingo Cards now to receive both new products at half price in August!
Despite our program's severe budget cuts, the NNWP's Consultants still continue to create new resources independently.  We are so very proud of the inspiration our NNWP planted in our consultants' creative brains.  Please help us support them by checking out the links above.  You will find fan-tabulous materials at each stop.
--WritingFix and the Lesson of the Month Team
A BOLD P.S.  While you're visiting WritingFix, be sure to notice that they've chosen and posted this year's Mentor Text of the Year, launching the fifth year of this program.  This year's theme is teaching vocabulary, and our two chosen books are astonishingly good and full of ideas for powerful mini lessons!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Article on Top Creative Writing Blogs! Worth checking out for ideas for next year!! Enjoy!!

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