Thursday, August 9, 2012

Great New Resources to Start School - Courtesy of Writing Fix

Here's fast access to the Writing Lesson of the Month website:
Lesson/Resource of the Month:  For August, we continue to focus our attention on Writing Across the Curriculum tasks.  Last month, we celebrated the writing lessons at ScienceFix, and this month we are celebrating the writing  lessons at NumberFix.  While visiting NumberFix, consider purchasing a copy of NumberFix Coordinator's--Holly Young--brand new picture book for teaching fractions: The Under-Achievers.  We are so proud of Holly for not only writing this book but modeling her whole writing process for her math students last year.  I only wish I had been able to learn math from Holly when I was a student!
Another Resource:  Our Nine Months of Writer's Notebook Bingo Cards are selling really well right now, and Dena and I want to thank all of you who purchasers who send us such kind words when you recognize the hard work we put into that product.  Those Bingo Cards are designed to begin being used in September, since the topics build on each other as the months progress.  I will be out next week traveling, so if you want to have your copy of the Bingo cards ASAP so that you can begin planning how you'll introduce the card in September, please order soon.  Our Writer's Workshop Menus will be available a week after I am back from my trip, and all WritingFix users who purchase the Bingo Cards before the menus are released will receive a nice bonus gift! 
Mentor Text of the Year Update:  We hear tell Amazon is having trouble keeping our Mentor Text of the Year for 2012-13 in stock.  This happened last year with Show; Don't Tell: Secrets of Writing.  Remember, our September Lesson of the Month will be based on this year's Mentor Text of the Year--The Boy Who Loved Words by Roni Schotter, a true author-friend of WritingFix.  If you want to turn your students into "vocabulary collectors" this year, be sure you get your book order in soon!
Have a great final month before we go back to school!
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