Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Monthly Letter from Writing Fix!

Hello, fellow teachers,
Many of you, I suspect, are enjoying your last days of summer vacation right now.  I hope these last few days become the best days of your time off. 
Two updates:
  1. NumberFix Coordinator Holly Young (NumberFix is our "Resource of the Month" for August) has sent us a nice Common Core-friendly math and writing lesson that goes along with her newly-published, first book: The UnderAchievers.  Eventually, I will have time to post at right at NumberFix, but for now I have posted the lesson write-up and the lesson's handouts at the Ning:   Holly strategically designed this first lesson for gifted second graders, average third graders, and struggling fourth graders.  Be sure to check it out if you teach (or know someone who teaches) those grade levels
  2. My wife, Dena, and I are busily finishing our Writer's Notebook/Workshop Choice Menus, which will compliment the Writer's Notebook Bingo Cards we first posted last August.  Pre-sales for the new menus will begin Monday, and we've posted a special offer to all teachers who purchased (and graciously supported us!) the Bingo cards in the last year.  If you were thinking about the Bingo Cards, you might want to do it this weekend so that you're eligible for the special offer.  Details about this special offer are here:  Thanks in advance for your continued support.  All proceeds from the sales of our products are invested back into our classrooms!
As I said, I hope your last days of summer are relaxing. 
--Corbett Harrison, WritingFix Webmaster
P.S.  I have recently begun using Pinterest, and I have created a special "board" where I want all teachers to have the right to post photographs from their students' writer's notebook pages.  I've seen other people open up permission for posting at their boards, but I can't figure out how to do it.  Is there a Pinterest user out there who can tell me how to do it?  Thanks in advance. 
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