Monday, August 27, 2012

September Lesson of the Month for Writing Fix!

First of all, we welcome Tennessee teacher, Sherri Wade, who became our official 20,000th member of this Ning last week.  We just keep growing and sharing!
Second, thanks to all of you who've been asking for a "sneak peek" of September's Writing Lesson of the Month, since it is based on our Mentor Text of the Year--which many of you were encouraged to obtain for your classroom this summer.  I have posted an "early preview" of the lesson at the website, and I encourage you to look it over.  Please forgive me if there are any typos--I still am in the process of doing final revisions on the lesson, but alas, I have to report to work tomorrow, so they'll have to wait until this weekend.
September's Lesson of the Month can be accessed along with all past lessons of the month:
I hope everyone had a great, productive summer!  I guess it's officially over for me in about eight hours.  :-(
--Corbett Harrison

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