Friday, November 2, 2012

Here are some great writing ideas from Choice Literacy. Check them out! Remember Free Rice is for younger children, older, and also can be used to teach foreign languages. Enjoy!

The Big Fresh Newsletter from Choice Literacy
Ruth Ayres shares a list of her current thinking on teaching conventions at the Two Writing Teachers blog. It's an excellent companion to our month-long series on conventions:
Here's a big list worth pondering. Jeff Anderson discusses Ten Things Every Writer Needs to Know in our latest podcast:
Longtime readers of the Big Fresh know Free Rice is one of our all-time favorite websites. Visitors test their vocabulary knowledge, and contribute grains of rice to help eradicate world hunger at the same time. We were delighted to discover they have expanded their reach, and now offer content quizzes beyond vocabulary. Our new favorite is their famous quotes quiz -- if you are a quote collector, you will enjoy testing your knowledge of the authors of these sayings: 

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