Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lesson of the Month from Corbett Harrison!!

If you receive a "Service Unavailable" message while trying to access this month's lesson, kindly try again in a minute or two.  "Service Unavailable" simply means there are too many teachers simultaneously logged on to the website, and I thought my new & improved server would be fixing this issue by now, but it isn't.  I apologize; I don't like receiving "service unavailable" messages from websites either, so I hope you'll forgive if you receive it!
  • The "Lesson of the Month":  Narrative Story-boarding inspired by David Guetta's song "Titanium"  This is a very visual assignment to help remind students of the different purposes of the different steps of the writing process.  The was a highly engaging lesson for my students because they liked inferring ideas from the song and the music video that goes with it.  Here is a direct link:

  • The "Notebook Prompt of the Month": An extension on last month's Fetching the Binoculars verb lesson, my students continued their exploration of "25-cent verbs" by researching, re-writing and illustrating one of the labors of Hercules in their writer's notebooks.  I have added the extension to the bottom of last month's lesson; here is a direct link: And here is a link to Hannah's notebook page, which took top honors in our "Mr. Stick of the Week" award when she submitted it a few weeks back.  It's worth a look, and it'll thrill Hannah to know you saw her verb-filled notebook page!
Have a great Thanksgiving.  Looking forward to sending out (saying this optimistically) December's lesson at the improved server that can handle all this new traffic we're receiving.
--Corbett (and Dena) Harrison

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