Sunday, January 20, 2013

Here is some great information on the impact of digital writing and reading! Courtesy of Choice Literacy! Enjoy!!

The Big Fresh Newsletter from Choice Literacy
Here are two features from the Choice Literacy archives to help you rethink digital reading and writing in your classroom.
Andrea Smith finds her classroom library needs a refresh to reflect new resources, opportunities, and challenges with digital reading:
Troy Hicks is a national leader in assisting teachers as they integrate more digital writing tools into their literacy workshops. In this podcast, he talks about how to balance the use of new digital resources with what we know is essential in workshops, regardless of technological changes:
Choice Literacy contributor Maria Caplin provides digital resources to help students read and write like scientists on her blog 21st Century Literacy:
Skype an Author provides a wealth of resources and guidance if you're interested in connecting your students with favorite writers virtually. There are 10-15 minute free options with many writers, and longer visits can be arranged for a fee:
Chad Sansing explains how technological innovations are helping him shift from a writers workshop to a makers workshop in this provocative essay from the National Writing Project:

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