Saturday, January 26, 2013

Here is an update from the webmaster for writing fix. Enjoy.

Now that I can upload to the site again, it'll take a tiny bit of time to "catch up" on the lessons of the month.
Today, I have posted the lesson that would have served as December's lesson had I been able to post in December.  Here is the link:  
This December lesson is an extension on what's become the most popular lesson at my site, which is based on "The Boy Who Loved Words" (my lesson from September):  I have had a great time turning my kiddos into "vocabulary collectors" this year.
Remember, all past lessons can be accessed from the on-line archive here:
I will post the January lesson in the next few days.  February should--more or less--be posted on time, and then we'll be back on schedule for March.  Thanks for you patience in this transition from the old site to the new, improved server.
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