Saturday, January 5, 2013

News from Corbett Harrison! Enjoy:}

Please visit the "Writing Lesson of the Month" Ning ASAP if you're having trouble with either your Writer's Notebook Bingo Cards or you haven't received your January slides for "Sacred Writing Time."  Both these products' perks/resources are being offered freely at the NING for the next two weeks while I work out the remaining glitches that have come to the surface as we moved servers.   
Access to the Bingo Cards' notebook lessons for January and February, and the January set of Sacred Writing Slides are available from the Ning's front page.  Check them out here:  
My sincere apologies for the glitch in sending out monthly lessons lately.  Read the following, if you're curious as to what's going on and when I expect to have the problems resolved:  When you start a website, it's a pretty simple process, and you hope it takes off.  Then if/when it does, sometimes you discover you don't have sophisticated-enough knowledge or enough  experience to take your resource website to the next level without lots of headaches, and e-mails and phone calls to tech support.
My classroom website-- "taken off," which means it's receiving so much daily traffic that it needed to have its own virtual server dedicated just to it.  This costs me a bit more, and it requires a transition time to move (or "migrate") to the site, but having so many teachers visiting my site is not something I complain about.  It's kind of thrilling.
THAT SAID, please know that I have officially moved to the new server, but we're discovering lots of little glitches that I am currently ironing out with tech help.  Here are a few that might pertain to you:
  • The links in the center of the BINGO CARDS aren't currently working with the new dedicated server I have purchased and set up; for whatever reason, you can no longer access my website if you put a "WWW" in front of my web address, and many of the Bingo Card lessons were programmed with that WWW.  In most cases, if you delete the WWW in front of the page address, you will have access again.  Please click here to have working links for both the January and February notebook lessons.
  • Many customers (mostly those with GMAIL accounts) who have paid for products/subscriptions at the site have had their products start ending up in the SPAM or JUNK folders instead of their mailboxes.  Something with the new server's e-mail program isn't playing nicely with some of my customer's e-mail address.  Please check your JUNK or SPAM e-mail folder for a message sent on December 30, if you paid for and haven't received your January-March Sacred Writing Slides.  Please e-mail me only if you can't locate the updates  in your SPAM folders; for immediate access to January's slides, click here.
  • November's Lesson of the Month (and December's, for that matter) aren't posted anymore.  When the new webpage migrated over, it took the files from October on and moved them, but not any files newer than those.  I have not been able to update the site at all since it migrated.  I am working on this.  My apologies if you were trying to access the lesson from November.  All will be fixed soon.
Again...I thank you for your patience.  I will make it up to all of you who've come to respect my work by putting up some pretty fun, Common-core friendly resources I've recently developed as soon as the website is acting the way it's supposed to.
--Corbett Harrison

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