Monday, February 18, 2013

Celebrating Pet Month with webmaster Corbett Harrison

A happy and well-deserved three-day weekend, I hope, for most of us!
I was just perusing next week's Sacred Writing PowerPoint slides and noticed that Wednesday is National "Love Your Pet" Day.   Our new puppy, Tucker, has already chewed up enough shoelace tips, throw rug edges, and pant cuffs that I can shake my fist and pretend I don't love him on February 20th, but I'd be lying through my teeth.  He is adorable and worth all the work and lost sleep.  Click on his name to see his picture; he's like a little polar bear.
Well, I have been working diligently on March's "Writing Lesson of the Month," which will focus on having students write about two common core reading elements: theme and characterization.  It's going to be a good one!  I can't wait to see if it inspires you when I post it on March 1. luck would have it...I have simultaneously been working on March's "Writer's Notebook Idea of the Month," which focuses on celebrating the love we have for our pets.  I thought--since this Wednesday is "Love Your Pet" Day and that many of you have pets (past and present) that you can easily share some writing about with your kids (assuming you keep a notebook you can share from!)--well, I thought I would send the "Writer's Notebook Idea of the Month" out early in case you were interested in celebrating the holiday during sacred writing time this week on the actual holiday. You don't really need the cited mentor text to inspire the writing, but I hope you like the way I describe that my fellow teachers and I are using these Cynthia Rylant books with our team of students.
So...Here is a sneak preview of the almost-completed "Writer's Notebook Idea of the Month" for March, which celebrates loving our pets:  I'll have student samples and a few more resources attached to it by March 1st, but it's very usable in its present state.
I hope everyone who gets Presidents' Day off is planning something fun tomorrow!
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