Saturday, February 2, 2013

Memoir writing encourages self-awareness among students - courtesy of SmartBrief

Here is a great article!  Consider students keeping diaries!!
The most meaningful writing students can do is to write their memoirs, notes Greg Graham, who teaches writing at the University of Central Arkansas. "Putting a narrative frame on our past -- especially our struggles -- promotes perspective and self-awareness that are otherwise out of reach for most people," he writes. The benefits of memoir writing are demonstrated through the movie "Precious," Graham writes, in which an abused teenage girl is able to make headway in life through writing. Education Week Teacher (premium article access compliments of (1/29)

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Suzette said...

Yes! I am presently teaching a course on writing, using the 6+1 Traits model. I have used several examples from the mentor text models of Ralph Fletcher's Marshfield Dreams, and Louis Lowry's Looking Back,to inspire my students to share memories of their childhood. They learn that the "everyday" stories of their lives don't have to be "mountaintop" experiences to be meaningful and interesting to the reader.