Thursday, March 21, 2013

Another great lesson from Corbett Harrison!

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This month's writing lesson of the month is one that will do its best to appeal to any reluctant boy writers: Original Superhero Origin Stories.  It starts out as an ABC-list prompt for everyone's writers' notebooks, then transitions into an invitation to develop a narrative for fun, or for an upcoming writer's workshop.  My students always love this lesson, even if they only do the writer's notebook piece Bookmark and Share

Friday, March 15, 2013

Math and Poetry courtesy of Corbett Harrison

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In case you missed it, my notebook lesson of the month is a Pi-inspired Poem, which our kids are completing today and sharing in their math classes.   You don't need to have the mentor text to teach this lesson; I simply use it to inspire creative types of pie from the kiddos who aren't interested enough in apple or pumpkin pie to write a poem.
Have a great day, everyone.
--Corbett Harrison

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Another lesson and great ideas from the webmaster, Corbett! Enjoy:}

The best part of maintaining this Ning and posting lessons at my own website is that you have really cool teachers out there who adapt ideas and share them.  Some of those adaptations are absolutely brilliant.  
For example, Wisconsin middle school teacher--Julie McCarragher--had her students (who've been using the Sacred Writing Time Slides from my website) design their own set of slides for the month of April.  They're marvelous because they showcase students' interests, students' creativity, and ownership (by those students) of their daily sacred writing time.
Thank you so much for sharing, Julie.  You can access her students' SWT slides for April (she gave me permission to share them) by clicking here!
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