Monday, April 1, 2013

Here are some great resources from Corbett and Dena Harrison. Enjoy:}

Happy Easter!  I am so very happy to say that in the last half hour, we sent out updated download links to all of our 1000+ subscribers of our PowerPoint Sacred Writing Time Slides.  This final download makes available the entire set of edited slides, from August 1-June 15.  This will be the final update we send  Woo-hoo!
If you are a subscriber and didn't receive the e-mail, first check your SPAM or JUNK e-mail folder; Gmail accounts are best known for mis-labeling us as SPAM.  If they are not there for March 31, e-mail me at and I will immediately resend you the download links.
If you are not yet a subscriber, freely try out the first 15 slides for April with your student writers (, and then subscribe if your kids enjoy the ideas and prompts.  On April 15, the price for the set of now-finished slide will increase $3.75.  To subscribe, click on this link.
To our subscribers...thanks again for your patience.  This has been a monumental task for us to complete, and we are so glad the set of slides is finished!
--Corbett & Dena Harrison
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