Friday, July 19, 2013

A summer update from Corbett and Dena Harrison. Enjoy's a week late, but that's a sign I am enjoying my summer as well as creating new materials and lessons.  
The "Writing Lesson of the Month" and the "Writer's Notebook Prompt of the Month" have both been posted.  Here is quick access to both of them:
  • Lesson: Ridiculous Essays (inspired by the mentor text "Green Eggs and Ham") -- since it's July and most of us are relaxing, I'm posting a fun one I ended the year with.  Don't tell me you can't be teaching Common Core and also have a lesson that has them in stitches!
  • Notebook Prompt: Pangrams (inspired by the mentor text "Fox") -- a pangram is a word game wherein you create an original sentence that contains all 26 letters of the alphabet.  "The quick fox jumps over a lazy dog" is one of the shortest ones that makes total sense.  This challenge asks students to create and illustrate two original pangrams over the month.  This would be a fun one to add to your own writer's notebooks--all you teachers whom I've convinced that it's imperative to have your own writer's notebook too!
Common Core Vocabulary & Writing Update!
If you've supported our website and purchased any of our classroom-ready resources in the past (, you will be receiving a special e-mail from us in the next 24 hours which will direct you to a special page at the website.  From that page, this week only (until this Friday at midnight), you can pre-order our latest product for authentic student learning: 8 Common Core Vocabulary & Writing Lessons.  For being a past customer you will have a 3-day window to purchase for $14.00, which is $3.50 (20%) off the asking price when they officially are released on July 15.  
On Saturday, July 13, the finalized 8 PowerPoints (actually 9 because there's an introduction one too--and they're with our editor right now) will be sent to all who past customers who pre-order some time before Friday night.  On Monday, the 15th, the new vocabulary packet will go up for sale to the public.
There will eventually be 10 PowerPoint lessons with this packet (of course, I discovered two new ones at a class this summer that I will adapt into PowerPoint form before school starts and add to the package).  All who pre-order and purchase in July will receive an updated link for the product in August with the additional two PowerPoint lessons.  So...this has ten lessons; here is a sample lesson from the packet, if you have PowerPoint to preview it with.  Here it is in PDF format without the fun animations between slides that PPT does.  
Dena's Reader's Notebook Bingo Card project is well under way too, and we expect the pre-sale for those to happen at the end of July.
--Corbett & Dena Harrison (
P.S.  If you know you've been a past customer of our website and DON'T receive a special e-mail by Wednesday morning, please feel free to contact me for the special website address:
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